Hazardous Waste Classification Software
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for both the UK & EU regulatory environments

Classify any waste, any number of samples to the latest technical guidance and legislation.

Get your waste chemistry analysis data from the lab.

Import the lab data and classify your waste.

Create your classification report.


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Import data from third party PDF classification reports using your smart phone


Whether you are new to waste classification, have moderate experience or have been crunching data for years, our training courses will help you learn the latest ins and outs.

Day 1 – Basic Waste Classification

Regulations and guidance to follow, classification fundamentals and application in HazWasteOnline™.

Day 2 – Advanced Waste Classification

Builds on Day 1: laboratory suites, technical scenarios, hydrocarbon assessments, metal species selection and more.

3 Year Refresher Course

On-line quiz to assess your knowledge; review of changes to the regulations, software and industry developments and an exclusive workshop.

Next Courses

We have moved all our courses to an on-line format using a combination of Zoom, Moodle (educational software) and HazWasteOnline.

Waste Classification Courses

  • 7th – 8th Aug 2024Zoom Meeting, UK/EU
  • 2nd – 3rd Oct 2024Zoom Meeting, UK/EU
  • 4th – 5th Dec 2024Zoom Meeting, UK/EU

Refresher Courses

  • 6th Aug 2024Zoom Meeting, UK/EU
  • 1st Oct 2024Zoom Meeting, UK/EU
  • 3rd Dec 2024Zoom Meeting, UK/EU


  • Two day course (Day 1 + Day 2) £825 + VAT
  • Refresher course £460 + VAT

Have a need to train several people in your business? Please inquire with us about doing in-house training courses (via Zoom) which are more cost efficient with 4 or more delegates and we will send you a quote.

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How it works

HazWasteOnline™ – online software for classifying your waste as hazardous or non-hazardous based on its chemical composition and European legislation. The software follows the latest technical guidance (UK or EU) and lets the user focus on what is in the waste and not how to do the calculations or keep up with the changing data.

If the waste is destined for landfill, the classifier can also assess their results for meeting a landfill’s Waste Acceptance Criteria.

HazWasteOnline™ provides waste producers, consultants, regulators, carriers and waste receivers with a simple, accurate and auditable tool for the classification of potentially hazardous waste materials, including contaminated soils, filter cakes, sludge residues, ashes, liquids and waste products