Pricing for yearly subscriptions to HazWasteOnline™ vary, please have a look at the options below to find the edition that’s right for you.

We also offer a 14-day free trial to new customers to allow you to try the tool for yourself.

up to 2£1,160£1,660£1,730£2,330
7++£230 / user+£230 / user+£290 / user+£290 / user

Annual charges; VAT (where applicable) is not included.

HazWasteOnline™ is licensed by country.

Licenses are only for use by the named individuals; they are not shared / office licenses.

Each edition comes with one classification engine which is tailored to the requirements of a particular country’s technical guidance and/or their Waste Acceptance Criteria.

Classification engines include:

  • WM3 1.2.GB classification engine for use in GB (England, Wales & Scotland).
  • WM3 1.1.NI classification engine for use in Northern Ireland.
  • EU WM3 1.1.NI classification engine for use in EU countries.
  • EU 2018/C 124/01 classification engine that follows the EU’s 2018/C 124/01 Technical Guidance.


Follow latest guidance and regulations
Classify wastes with mirror entry List of Waste codesExcept Ch. 17
Seven classification domains6 Monitoring only
Assess solid or liquid waste streams
Assess waste products (Safety Data Sheets)
4000+ substances from EU CLP Table 3 and/or GB CLP MCL List
.hwol data files for the rapid importation of laboratory results
Create your own waste stream template using any substances
Copy / paste chemistry data from Excel
Attach related documents to your classification
Metal species in worst case order
Ability to add your own user defined substance (“Self Classify”)
Apply moisture correction
Generate PDF classification reports
Company logo on PDF reports
Unlimited phone / email technical support
Access to Substance Knowledge Base and Help Wiki
Flag Advisory System to help decision making
HWOL Acronym System for understanding “TPH” tests
Graphing – column & stack plots to display concentrations for selected determinands
Statistics – Parametric approach
Classify wastes with absolute hazardous and absolute non-hazardous List of Waste codes
Enter and report WAC data
Create batch files to import multiple .hwol files
Double ratio PAH plots (3) for indicating source of hydrocarbons
Ability to copy existing CLP or User Defined substances
Mass edit the reasons for selecting the metal species
Scan QR code on 3rd party HazWasteOnline reports to import the data
Ability to apply a user-defined Mass Correction
Ability to add, delete and re-order determinands in a Job
Ability to change order of samples (in development)
Irish Soil Recovery Facility thresholds (in development)
Collections – manage collections of Jobs (in development)
GIS maps with Open Source StreetMap (in development)
Additional ChargesPrice
Extra classification engine£315 / extra engine / annum
Purchase HazWasteOnline™ via a reseller£330 / instance
Completing detailed supplier’s forms; reading company policy’s (usually where our equivalent PDF based information isn’t accepted)£330 / instance
Requirement to use a company’s on-line procurement & invoicing system£150 / annum

Process of purchasing

  1. Fill out our Request a Quote form for your company.
  2. You will receive our quote via email.
  3. Reply to the quote with a PO / instruction to proceed and we’ll set up your project the same day – and send out the invoice!