.HWOL Data File Format

The HWOL data file allows for the rapid importation of laboratory data into HazWasteOnline™, saving time, increasing accuracy and precision and creating an audit trail between the laboratory and the waste classification report. The import process also captures certain parameters that are important including: moisture correction, differentiating Solid data from WAC data and testing parameters. It also pre-processes many determinands to optimise the data for hazardous waste assessments.

The current specification for the .HWOL data file can be downloaded here.

HazWasteOnline™ accredited laboratories who can deliver .HWOL data files

  • ACS
  • ALS 
  • ELAB
  • Element 
  • Eurofins Chemtest
  • Envirolab
  • Fitz Scientific   (Ireland)
  • I2 Analytical
  • CTS (Nicholls Colton)
  • Socotec
  • DETS (north) 
  • DETS (south)