.HWOL Data File Format

The HWOL data file allows for the rapid importation of laboratory data into HazWasteOnline, saving time, increasing accuracy and precision and creating an audit trail between the laboratory and the waste classification report. The import process also captures certain parameters that are important including: moisture correction, differentiating Solid data from WAC data and testing parameters. It also pre-processes many determinands to optimise the data for hazardous waste assessments.

The specification for the .HWOL data file can be downloaded here.

Laboratories who can deliver .HWOL data files

  • ACS
  • ALS 
  • ELAB
  • Element 
  • Envirolab
  • Eurofins Chemtest
  • Fitz Scientific   (Ireland)
  • I2 Analytical
  • CTS (Nicholls Colton)
  • Socotec
  • Suez DETS (north) 
  • Suez DETS (south)