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Professional Edition

Suitable for waste producers

Professional & Packages Edition.

Suitable for waste receivers, project management companies, regulators and advanced users

  • Example template for use on contaminated soils - contains more than 100 substances and species
  • Ability to create different substance templates for different waste streams
  • Single or multiple sample classification
  • Excel interface to allow cut-n-paste of laboratory data
  • Speciated substances with suggested worst or most likely case
  • Substance information window that documents the source of the data, hazard statement and other data from Table 3, Annex VI of the CLP
  • Integrated Substance Knowledge Base (wiki)
  • Iterate classifications
  • Option to override HP1, HP2, HP3 or HP12 hazard property
  • Numbers below the limit of detection (e.g. <0.1) are automatically ignored
  • Option to change Potentially Hazardous to Hazardous or Non-Hazardous and record why
  • PDF classification reports
  • Audit information
  • Publication of the data source for every substance
  • 7.5x5 phone support* |
  • Version information
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Automated validation and checking of the calculation engine
  • New .hwol files for rapid import of lab data
  • Mirror Entries from all 20 chapters of the List of Waste
  • All 4500+ substances from Table 3 of Annex VI of the CLP Regulation
  • Ability to add your own substances including their hazard properties and hazard statement codes
  • Process both solid and liquid wastes
  • Assess waste products - Safety Data Sheets
  • Ability to cut-n-paste multiple sets of sample data from laboratory spreadsheets
  • Document Manager for storing the classifications and supporting documentation
  • Company address and logo on classification reports
  • Tabular report that shows which substances contributed to the hazardous outcome
  • Compensate for either dry or wet weight moisture content corrections
  • Ability to send classification Packages directly to third parties
  • Messaging tool for communication between parties
  • Multi language support (currently English, Italian, French)
  • UK and and European number format

  Includes everything in Professional plus:

  • New PAH double ratio plots for understanding the potential source of the hydrocarbons
  • Absolute List of Waste Entries
  • Smart phone bar code reader for importing the chemistry data used in another party's PDF classification report
  • Ability to recieve Packages from waste producers: a Package contains the data, supporting documentation and the classification report
  • Ability to reprocess & archive customer data
  • Ability to forward a Package to another party

     Coming next

  • Import of WAC data (Packages Edition)
  • Traffic light system to warn users that they may have made a mistake or could do something better

* Excludes holidays
| Excludes consultancy