June 2020

  • Update on how close we are to our new website

An update on moving to online courses

The online meeting is held over a ‘Zoom’ call, whilst delegates are given a username and password for access to HazWasteOnline™ and have access to workshop material through our educational platform: moodle.hwol.uk. We may also mail the full training booklets to you before or after the course at your request.

New website to be released this weekend!

This weekend we plan on releasing our re-vamped website with its smoother functionality. From new artwork to new forms, we hope our website will be a comfortable navigation. Here are some previews:

Training course page 

  •  The new layout will make it easier to see what our courses entail and fill out our online booking form!

Video tutorials page 

  • Find our tutorial and support videos to help you use HazWasteOnline™

New log in page

  • Our log in will have its own page, remember to bookmark it!