January 2022

Welcome to our January 2022 newsletter. This newsletter is aimed for registered users of HazWasteOnline to describe how to properly have your account using the correct engines to classify your wastes since the introduction of WM3 v1.2 GB!

How to make sure you’re using the correct classification engine

Since the release of the new guidance WM3 V1.2 GB many of you will need to update your account to use this classification engine or if you’re in Ireland you will need to be using the engine WM3 v1.1. N.I. Below are the two scenarios in HazWasteOnline where you may need to update your account.

Scenario 1: You need to update your exisiting custom waste stream templates

  • When you choose a waste stream template for a job, the classification engine you are using by default dervies from this waste stream template. If you have not edited your waste stream templates since the new classifictaion engine has been released, you will need to update them so when you select your waste stream template(s) for a classification they are not using an old engine. 
  • To make this change, what you need to do is: Go to your ‘Waste streams’ tab once you’ve logged into HazWasteOnline. Select the waste stream you need to update and in the ‘Details’ tab change the ‘Classification engine’ dropdown option to your country’s newest engine. Lastly save your waste stream and it’s ready to use again! See below a screenshot example of changing the classification engine.

Scenario 2: Using our old example template in your rulebooks for .hwol file importing

  • Many of you who take advantage of .hwol files for rapid importation will have created rulebooks, within these rulebooks you may have applied our old ‘Example waste stream template for contaminated soils’ template as a rule which is using the old engine. Please note that if you have applied your own custom made waste stream template to a rulebook and this template reflects the new engine, you do not need to make this change. 
  • To change this, you will need to go into any of your uploaded .hwol files and apply your rulebook. Once here, go to the ‘Applied rules’ tab where one of the rules you have created will describe the addition of our example waste stream template, click the edit pencil icon on this rule and you will be presented with a dropdown option where you can change this waste stream template to either our updated example template or one of your own custom templates. Save your rulebook once you have applied this to finish. The screenshot example below is the point where the edit icon has been clicked in the ‘applied rules’ tab and an updated waste stream template is being chosen.

If you are having any trouble transitioning your account to the new classification engines, please contact our support team who may guide you through your specific scenarios.