March 2024

March 2024 Newsletter covering: Updates to the GB MCL List, Classifying PFAS compounds, Changes to the classification of Dioxins/Furans and the 12 WHO PCBs (dioxin-like PCBs)…..
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July 2023

July newsletter covering: Soil recovery facilities for Ireland coming to HWOL Technical support – combining multiple .hwol files to be classified within one job
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Is “TPH” always TPH

If you want to learn more about labs’ various “TPH” tests and our new HWOL Acronym System (e.g. EH_2D_Total) for understanding different “TPH” tests and how you can do more with your data, Dr Ian Bishop gave a presentation to the East Land Quality Forum meeting in Ipswich on the 9th March which you can now download here!
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March 2023

March newsletter covering: The HWOL Acronym system and understanding hydrocarbon test. Presentation: Is TPH always TPH? or What has your lab actually measured.
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November 2022

November newsletter covering: The upgrade to the Job’s details page. Our use of XRF for the analysis of plastic waste. New Feature: Ability to change units in a waste stream template
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