July 2021

July Newsletter covering: Report urgrades, certification, new initiative – adding QR codes for laboratory reports, did you know you can: review the reasoning for all metal species selections, average the data for any number of replicate samples.
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April 2021

April Newsletter covering: Paper on a review of worst case metal species in waste classification, Pamphlet describing “TPH” testing and our new HWOL Acronym system, social media.
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HWOL Acronym System

To aid understanding of both the acronyms and “TPH”, we have produced a 10 page explanation document that covers both the HWOL acronyms and the basics of analysis of hydrocarbons by both 1D and (the emerging) 2D gas chromatography technology.
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HazWasteOnline Worst Case Species

Hazardous Waste Classification: Review of Worst Case to Less Worst Case Metal Species with a Worked Example for a Contaminated Soil. Bishop, I. and Hennebert P., 2021. Detritus, Volume 14 – 2021, pages 4-24.
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