Marketing Flyers

Promotional material for the Professional and the Professional & Packages Editions of HazWasteOnline. 139-S HazWasteOnline-Professional Edition-01-21Download 149-S HazWasteOnline-Professional&Packages Edition-01-21Download

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November 2020

November newsletter covering: Labs working on joining the .hwol file club, New HWOL Acronym System, ATP 15 – granulated copper added – impact for trommel fines, New navigation features, new youtube tutorials.
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June 2020

June newsletter covering: Update on moving to online courses and an update on our new website.
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May 2020

May newsletter covering: training courses completed via web meetings, HazWasteOnline website overhaul, WAC data processing, Updated list of labs that can publish .hwol files, Managing .hwol files and rulebooks, Metal speciation, TPH research project.
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