May 2020

May newsletter covering: training courses completed via web meetings, HazWasteOnline website overhaul, WAC data processing, Updated list of labs that can publish .hwol files, Managing .hwol files and rulebooks, Metal speciation, TPH research project.
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February 2020

February newsletter covering: Training status published on Classification reports, new YouTube videos, hwol file: list of labs that can generate the .hwol file, New joint unit for Waste Crime (JUWC)
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Jan 2020

January newsletter covering: Remastered and new YouTube tutorials, new WAC feature and other upcoming features, HWOL file, list of labs that can generate the .hwol file.
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August 2019

August newsletter covering: The Competency Initiative and Training Records, new refresher course, What is coming soon: WAC assessment and review of the Lab’s TPH test methods, HWOL file: list of tabs that can generate the .hwol file
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May 2019

May Newsletter covering: Competency (As introduced in the February Newsletter), New charges for resellers, ATP 12 and the current list of labs who offer the HWOL file format.
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